Nevron works hand in hand with its distributors, resellers, integrators and other business partners, which also relates to our IPTV support services. Support capabilities are further extended to Nevron’s local partners, which are skilled and qualified to provide the most accurate and professional support for the end-clients.

While essential IPTV system components are built in-house, Nevron provides IPTV support from first hand IPTV architects, consultancies, skilled sales and development experts. Even the toughest issues related to IPTV projects or technologies are solved with the intervention of Nevron’s top skilled experts.

” Pre-sales, technical, training and consultancy IPTV support. “

Nevron provides pre-sales, technical, training and consultancy support, all in a way to get you ready for IPTV projects to be promoted, sold and carried out in the most professional manner.

” One stop IPTV support station. “

On choosing Nevron’s IPTV products, you won’t be immediately passed to a 3rd party provider. Just as Nevron represents a one stop shop for IPTV technologies, it can be utilised as a one stop support station for IPTV-related issues.

Extended Support

Nevron is putting a lot of effort into providing its business partners, resellers, integrators and customers with as much knowledge and information as possible to win the sale, solve the technical issue or to accomplish the IPTV project successfully. Some of these support services include:

  • support for each step of your IPTV project execution operations;
  • remote IPTV system installation, configuration and surveillance support;
  • advanced sales support related to decision makers such as hotel owners;
  • access to the knowhow of successful management and the growth of providing IPTV services;
  • access to free IPTV consultations.